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Antiracism Starter Kits

What is "antiracism"? 

An antiracist person is someone who actively opposes racist beliefs, attitudes, and practices; antiracism refers to acts that oppose racism.

What is an "Antiracism Starter Kit"?

As we said in our page explaining antiracism, practicing antiracism is about more than just "not being racist". It requires us to actively oppose racist beliefs, actions, attitudes, laws and policies. The prospect of being antiracist is both simple and a little intimidating. Not knowing how to get started can be a huge barrier to practicing antiracism. Instead of leaving you to sift through endless articles and listicles, we've put together some of our favorite books and resources to get you started!

Why are there so many types of starter kits?

Our starter kits were created to go along with our new online workshops, Raising Antiracist Kids and All In: Dismantling Barriers to Antiracism. Workshop participation is not required to purchase one of our starter kits. 

Raising Antiracist Kids is an interactive online workshop designed to help parents and caregivers engage in conversations about race and racism with their families. It's divided into three age ranges, tailoring each workshop to the unique needs and concerns present during each developmental period. All of our Raising Antiracist Kids starter kits include:

  • A nonfiction book to further your understanding of antiracism, along with specific materials to help you get more out of your time reading.
  • An age appropriate kids book with specific activities and/or discussion questions designed to facilitate conversations about race relevant to each book.
  •  Additional materials and prompts continue these conversations at home.

All In: Dismantling Barriers to Antiracism is an interactive online workshop where participants will begin to identify some of the barriers to being antiracist, while learning basic tools to dismantle and unpack them. All of our All In starter kits include:

  • A nonfiction book (or books if your opt for Kit #4) to further your understanding of antiracism, along with specific materials to help you get more out of your time reading.
  •  Additional materials and prompts to build self-awareness and concrete step to move past any barriers to being antiracist.

Who is creating the additional materials?

Materials are solely created by Keiana Mayfield, MSW. Keiana received her Master's in Social Work in 2015, and is currently a doctoral candidate in the Human Development and Family Studies program at Penn State University. She is an expert in the social and cultural processes that affect daily life for Black families and communities. Her research focuses on ways to help all families support child and adolescent development and well-being across contexts.

Can I exchange or swap out books in a kit?

We understand that you may have some of the books we've included in our kits, which is why we've provided several options. Books in each kit cannot be exchanged or swapped out for different books. 

When will starter kits be shipped?

Starter kits are shipped every Friday.

*The page was created by Keiana Mayfield, MSW.


Starter Kits

Raising Antiracist Kids (0-4 years old)

Raising Antiracist Kids (5-11 years old)

Raising Antiracist Kids (12 and older)

All In: Dismantling Barriers to Antiracism