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Antiracism Subscription Boxes

Shelf Improvement Subscription Box Overview:

How do we cultivate inclusive attitudes and beliefs at home? It starts with a strong foundation, then some nurturing to see it blossom, and regular upkeep to ensure steady growth. Intimidated? We’re here to help you with each step of this lifelong journey. Shelf Improvement is a new kind of subscription box. Structured around specific age ranges, our new subscriptions provide you and your family with books for right now, as well as books to keep you company as you grow. Focused on books written by or featuring Black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC), these subscriptions definitely provide shelf improvement.

Strong Foundations — This box is meant for kiddos from 0 to 5 years old. Each month you’ll receive board or picture books by BIPOC authors and/or featuring BIPOC main characters. Every box will also include a reading guide for parents/caregivers to help them engage with their littlest readers in age-appropriate conversations about race and inclusivity as it relates to that month’s book. The support you need to start having conversations that make a difference.

Nurturing Awareness — This box is meant for kiddos 5 to 11 years old, and will include a  mix of early chapter and longer middle reader books. This box provides books that are great for reading aloud or for kids to read to themselves. Books will feature BIPOC main characters and/or be written by BIPOC authors. Each box will include a reading guide and discussion questions to help parents/caregivers and kids engage more deeply in each book’s content, helping kids think critically and inclusively about the world around them.

Shelf Growth — Oh, so you’re a grown up now… Did you think you were done growing? This box is meant for adults and the adult-adjacent.  Each month you’ll receive a curated box with a book and reading guide meant to stimulate your self-awareness. A mix of newly released titles from fiction and nonfiction genres, Shelf Growth strives to help us change, refocus, and question our lens and perspective. Focused on works by BIPOC authors and/or protagonists, each month will broaden and reshape your horizons!

*The page was created by Keiana Mayfield, MSW.