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How Free Do You Want To Be?: The Story Of A Cure For Addiction (Hardback #1) (Hardcover)

How Free Do You Want To Be?: The Story Of A Cure For Addiction (Hardback #1) Cover Image
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Everyone's burdens are different. What is a "life crisis" for one person, another might call "nothing at all," and others experience more trauma, anxiety, depression, or health issues in their lives than one could ever imagine? We all have our cross to bear as they say. What separates us is the weight and size of it and how far uphill we have to haul it.

These crosses often involve mental health issues of one type or another--but these issues can be healed. And the truth is we are all addicted to something. It might not be alcohol or drugs. It could be sex, gambling, pornography, playing video games, working, exercising, eating, shopping, hoarding, cleaning, even pain? Many suffer from chronic anxiety, depression, chronic pain, mental and emotional issues. The list goes on Infinitum.

There are 12 specific promises found within this book that will set you free. If you complete the suggestions as outlined in the pages of this book, you will find serenity, freedom, and peace as have thousands of men and women before you have. You will find a cure for your addictions and difficulties.

These Steps to a spiritual awakening, can be used to overcome anything in your life once you understand them. There is a simple proven plan of action found within them, and a promise that will set you free. Free from addiction, chronic depression, anxiety and mental health issues. Free from every struggle you go through in your life.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781087818115
ISBN-10: 1087818117
Publisher: Indy Pub
Publication Date: December 6th, 2019
Pages: 220
Language: English
Series: Hardback