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Good-Time Girl (Paperback)

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Leah hates thong underwear as much as she hates being middle-aged and fighting to stay relevant in her job. What freedom when she unexpectedly purchases a gun. It's enough to make her consider an act of terrorism at a certain lingerie store. Though she may need the help of her "he-moll," the handsome 22-year old across the street.

Her shrink wants to help her, her mother wants her to get married, the neighborhood dope dealer wants to bed her and the girl across the street wants revenge for stealing her boyfriend.

But Leah and her gun have a different path to follow. Will her acts of rebellion cost her everything she's gained in her life?

"A breezy read... Leah is a likeable heroine, and readers will sympathize with her plight."

-Blue Ink Review

Product Details
ISBN: 9781733101905
ISBN-10: 173310190X
Publisher: Leslie M Rollins
Publication Date: May 16th, 2019
Pages: 256
Language: English