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Glitter in the Sun: A Bible study searching for truth in the Twilight Saga (Paperback)

Glitter in the Sun: A Bible study searching for truth in the Twilight Saga Cover Image
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Finding an immortal love in a mortal world

Christian author Jane Wells, a talented small-group leader, presents a Bible study based on the hugely successful Twilight novels and movies.

Many Christian churches may never have considered discussing a series of novels about vampires and werewolves, but church leaders need not fear Twilight, Wells shows us. She argues that God speaks in many ways. In the Bible, God wrote on walls, sent angel-grams and even empowered a donkey to advise his human master. God still whispers to us, Wells writes, sometimes through our popular culture.

Glitter in the Sun explores how we can glimpse truths of our faith through the Twilight saga. These tales remind us of the eternal power of Love. The Bible tells us that ultimately only God can love us in a truly timeless way.
Glitter in the Sun invites individual readers and Bible-study groups to consider that there may be links between the love stories of Twilight and the One who can truly satisfy our longing hearts. This may be a surprising choice for church study, but Glitter in the Sun was created to encourage small-group participants who may never have considered attending a Bible study group until now.

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ISBN: 9781934879405
ISBN-10: 1934879401
Publisher: Front Edge Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: November 5th, 2011
Pages: 192
Language: English