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There's a Beetle in My Bucket: and other challenges facing an orphaned horse (Paperback)

There's a Beetle in My Bucket: and other challenges facing an orphaned horse Cover Image
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If you like reading horse books, this will become one of your favorites. The author penned the true story of her orphaned horse, Sequoyah. The foal was born in a Virginia field during a snowstorm. Because her mother couldn't produce milk, she abandoned Sequoyah at birth.

Heather and Hugh Irwin rescued the foal and took her in a horse trailer to a stall in their neighbors' barn. There they, their friends, and the veterinarian helped Sequoyah fight for her life for her first two challenging weeks. The horse remained smaller and more vulnerable than other horses. Sequoyah acted more like a human than a horse because she couldn't be around other horses that could teach her. She was too small to be around them safely. She loved to follow her human mommy Heather everywhere, and she learned from their many talks.

Caring for Sequoyah was the author's first opportunity to see what having a horse in her life would be like. What a life-changing experience for both of them You'll find yourself crying, holding your breath, and laughing as Sequoyah grows up, learns what it means to be a horse, gets to know her best friend Ellie the miniature donkey, and realizes how deeply she loves her human mom and dad.

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ISBN: 9781946198174
ISBN-10: 194619817X
Publisher: PC Junior
Publication Date: September 2nd, 2019
Pages: 68
Language: English