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East City Bookshop In The News

Hear what readers, authors, and the media have to say about East City Bookshop!

Come for the cozy lounge, the funky vibe, or the author talks. Just be sure to stick around and chat awhile.

-The Washington Independent Review of Books (6/13/2016)


Named a “Where to Play” location by Kid-Friendly DC


East City Bookshop is the bookstore that Capitol Hill's been waiting for, but more than that, it's a place where bibliophiles of all persuasions will feel at home from the moment they walk in the door. If you love words, then East City Bookshop is your comfort food.

- New York Times Bestselling Author Louis Bayard


What a joy it is to have a new and independent bookstore on Capitol Hill -- and to see ‘Staff Picks’ that show it is being run by (and intends to serve) voracious and independent readers. Way to go East City Bookshop!

- Critically Acclaimed Author Frederick Reuss


The Literary Hill BookFest was thrilled to welcome East City Bookshop as an official bookseller for the 2016 event! Capitol Hill had waited years for an independent bookstore that sold new books. East City Bookshop came through for us and was the perfect complement to our annual event featuring local authors. We are looking forward to a long relationship!

- Donna Sokol, Vice President, Literary Hill BookFest


A community bookstore with a comprehensive collection. While literary fiction is the standout customer favorite, Gillman’s shelves are stocked with everything from political theory to graphic novels to children’s books. Laurie has even partnered with a local running store and created a joint running/book club.

-Los Angeles Review Of Books (10/9/2016)


The two-level shop was filled with local book lovers of all ages. The neighborhood has missed the availability to browse bookshelves and chat with fellow book lovers about new finds and old favorites. (5/30/2016)


This independent, community-focused bookstore is absolutely charming and is perfect for discovering new books or browsing their selection of toys and gifts. The space is brightly decorated and hosts readings, book clubs, and lectures for all ages to enjoy.

- Buchanan Park 


Saturday evening, as marchers filtered into the Metro and away down the avenues of the city, finding their way slowly to buses and home, four poets, all women, came together in a different sort of gathering at East City Bookshop, an independent store five minutes down Pennsylvania Avenue from the Capitol and the Library of Congress. It’s cozy, just big enough to host four poets trying to make sense of the election and the fifty or so people who gathered to hear them try...If the Women’s March was a collective shout, the reading at East City Bookshop pulled individual voices out of the roar.

-The Times Literary Supplement (1/23/17)


after the march, East City Bookshop  invites participants to join a group of poets, readers and book professionals for hot tea and cocoa followed by a poetry performance featuring human rights activist, editor and poet Carolyn Forché, with poets Samantha Thornhill, Lauren Alleyne and Danielle Chapman. A discussion with the audience will follow. (1/18/17)


East City Books, which opened in April, hosted a sign-making party the day that Trump was inaugurated that was supposed to last for two hours but went on for four hours. It wound up the weekend with an evening of women’s poetry following the Women’s March that began with booksellers passing out copies of Lucille Clinton’s poem, “won’t you celebrate with me,” the last line, “something has tried to kill me and has failed” highlighted in yellow. Poets reciting their own poems as well as those of other poets included editor and poet Carolyn Forché, and the poets Samantha Thornhill, Lauren Alleyne, and Danielle Chapman. (1/23/17)


As you descend the steps and enter East City Books, you can’t help but smile -- salty greeting cards, books by local authors, and events like ‘adult coloring books and (free) wine.’ This relatively new addition to the Eastern Market neighborhood (April ‘16) is community-focused and offers two free book clubs each month (fiction and non) as well as a consignment sales program to help support independent authors. (1/12/17)


East City Book Shop is an independent book store in my own neighborhood of Capitol Hill – yay! They only opened their doors a few months ago, but they’ve quickly become one of my favorite go-to shops on the Hill. Not only do they have an amazing array of books, including a fantastic kids section that both of my girls adore, but they also have kid-friendly art supplies, a seating area for story time and events, and the best small but mighty greeting card collection in Capitol Hill (11/02/16)


This independent bookstore, now approaching its first anniversary, has already become an active partner in community events with author talks, hosting book clubs, story time for kids, and even a knitting and audio book club...If you can’t spare half an hour to browse the shelves in person, East City Bookshop offers a well-designed, homey website with easy subject searches, audiobook ordering, and even a Staff Picks section listed by staff member, similar to the friendly hand-written notes found in the store. (2/18/17)