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East City Bookshop’s adult buyer since 2016, Emilie has sent hundreds of books home in the right hands. Expect selections to include highly-anticipated literary fiction and memoirs that, whether they top the best-seller lists or not, reflect the exceptional and enthusiastic recommendations Emilie is known for across Capitol Hill.

"I can think of no other person who I trust more with book recommendations...I trust her implicitly." - Rachel 

"I find myself making long lists of books to buy and read every time we meet." - Elizabeth 

How It Works

For Monthly Subscribers: You'll receive one highly anticipated release, curated by Emilie, in hardback every month. After a $0.99 enrollment fee, your card will be billed a flat fee of $35 (including shipping, if desired) in the beginning of each month. Books will ship, or ready for in-store pick-up, by the 15th of each month. 

For 6- and 12-Month Subscribers: There is no $0.99 enrollment fee and subscriptions are paid upfront, including taxes and shipping.

To cancel a subscription, please email but please note that cancellations must be made before the 1st of each month to avoid being charged for that month's book.  

In-Store Pick-up? You'll want a monthly subscription. Simply select "In-Store Pick-Up" as your preferred delivery method. 

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Gifting A Subscription

Great books make even better gifts and book subscriptions are no exception! Simply indicate the recipient name and shipping address when selecting your subscription.

Questions? Email us at, call, or message us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. (Better yet, come in!) 

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