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Employment Opportunities

May 13, 2019

Positions open: (1) Part-time Bookseller

Job Description: Part-time Bookseller

Part-time booksellers work four to five shifts/week, totaling 25 to 30 hours/week. Some evening, weekend and holiday availability required, particularly between Thanksgiving and Christmas -- a crucial time during the retail year. 

Booksellers will support everything related to front-line selling and the customer experience, which includes both retail book and gift sales. A bookseller’s typical day might include:

  • Hand-selling to customers

  • Point of sale transactions

  • Shipping books and other items

  • Merchandising products

  • Supporting administrative tasks

  • Keeping the store clean and tidy

  • Helping with author and community events in store

  • Transporting and selling books at off-site author events

  • Writing blurbs and brief reviews for shelf-talkers and staff favorites displays

  • Carrying boxes up to 40 pounds up and down stairs

Important characteristics: Ability to enjoy people, even when they’re not at their most enjoyable. Love of literature, books, and words, of course! Tendency to be cheerfully unflappable, especially when several items demand your attention at the same time. Highly refined listening skills and the desire to make someone’s day a little better through books and happy thoughts. Team players needed.

Hourly wage:  $13.25 (DC minimum wage as of July 1, 2018). Booksellers receive staff discount on books and other items purchased for personal use, and access to advance review copies of forthcoming books.

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