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Gift and Book Club Bundles


Book Club Bundles

Do you love East City Bookshop's book clubs, or are you looking for a fun gift idea? Our book club hosts have curated Greatest Hits lists of top book selections from some of our book clubs. Buy our top 3 Greatest Hits, create a custom bundle of multiple books, or pick just one title. All purchases of Book Club Bundles containing 3 or more books will receive complimentary gift wrapping!

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New Fiction Book Club Bundle

If you're always scanning book reviews for the newest release with the biggest buzz, this book club is for you! Hosted by book buyer Emilie Sommer, this club focusing on recent literary fiction meets monthly on the fourth Sunday at 4 pm.

Really Reading Romance Book Club Bundle

We're romance readers who love, well, love. Join us on the third Friday of the month as we discuss new and traditional romance novels. 

Social Justice Book Club Bundle

This book club provides a space for thoughtful conversation on issues of social justice and activism. Themes will include racial justice, immigration, LGBTQ rights, and more—we’re also open to members suggesting specific titles and topics to explore.

Stranger than Fiction Book Club Bundle

The Stranger Than Fiction club focuses on memoirs, essays, and other timely narrative non-fiction. This group meets on Sunday afternoons in the third week of each month, and is led by booksellers Kelsey and Destinee.

Well-Read Black Girl Book Club Bundle

Well-Read Black Girl is an affinity space for Black women readers & writers. Our monthly book club selections focus on empowering the narratives of Black women, we encourage readers who identify as genderqueer, non-binary, or others who feel inspired by what we’re doing to join us and be a part of our community.

W(h)ine and Angst Book Club Bundle 

Are you over 21 but you still love reading YA? Join our W(h)ine & Angst Book Club, where we drink wine and read all kinds of books about teenagers. Run by Cecilia and Keiana, meetings are the second Friday of each month, at 6:30pm.

Middle Reader Book Club Bundle

A book club specifically designed for our middle readers between the ages of 8 and 10 years old. The group will discuss books ranging from action-packed adventure to beautifully written stories on unexpected friendships.

Tween Book Club Bundle 

A book club specifically designed for our readers in upper elementary school to middle school, who read books from both our Middle Reader and Young Adult sections. Books will begin to address issues relating to puberty, transitions, and crushes without veering into the more mature, teen-related content found in the Young Adult section. 

Go here for more information and meeting details for all of East City Bookshop's book clubs.