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Go Postal

Because we love our cards so dearly, we're bringing them to you.

Go Postal is a curated greeting card subscription service. Three cards a month, every month, for as long as you want. And no repeats, we promise. We will send along an artfully curated mix of cards from our wonderful letterpress partners, including locals like Grey Moggie and Cherry Blossom Creative, that are funny, dark, heart-warming. If a card made us chuckle in the back office, expect it in your mailbox!

How It Works 

For Monthly Subscribers: You'll receive delivery of three new cards per month. After a $0.99 enrollment fee, your card will be billed a flat fee of $18.50 (including postage) in the beginning of each month and cards will be shipped shortly thereafter, typically arriving by the 15th. 

For 6- and 12-Month Subscribers: There is no $0.99 enrollment fee and subscriptions are paid upfront, including postage and shipping. 

To cancel a subscription, please email but please note that cancellations must be made before the 1st of each month to avoid being charged for that month's selections. 

In-Store Pick-up: Interested but want to pick-up in the store? No problem - fill out this short form and we'll have a copy ready for you next month. All in-store pick-up subscribers will pay in the store.

Please note that cancellations must be made before the 1st of each month in order to secure a refund for that and all remaining months. For example, a cancellation made on Nov. 3 will be refunded for December and all remaining months, but not for November.

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Gifting A Subscription

Card subscriptions are a great way to passive-aggressively suggest to a loved one that perhaps they should get in touch more than once a year.


Email us at, call, or message us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. (Better yet, come in!) 


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