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Surprise Packs

East City Bookshop presents

 Surprise Packs


Stay-at-Home Surprise Packs 

Hello friends!  Do you miss our selection of journals, gifts, art supplies, toys, greeting cards and other fun items?  Fear not, we’re here with ECB Stay-at-Home Surprise Packs! Here’s how it works: you select the price point and tell us a bit about the recipient, we’ll pick the perfect items, pack them up, and send your pack on its way to spread love and good vibes.

Fill out this Google Form and we’ll get started on your surprise!  

Please note: given our limited staff at present, Surprise Pack orders may take a few days to ship. Because these are custom packs, individual items can’t be returned.             

Greeting Card Surprise Pack

We don't want you to be without our cards! Want to send a snail mail surprise to your friends and neighbors? Fill out this Google form to receive a fun assortment of greeting cards.